Why Not To Become A Developer

Everyone has different thoughts and views about everyone's professions and their own profession the life they are living. But as a student you have lots of opportunities in front of you there are various options to choose from and various fields and job roles you get to know about and from all of this you need to select one only one. So, become careful while what you are selecting because that is the thing you are going to do whole life and if you don't enjoy it you can not give your best. Let's give me a brief overview of what is the job role of a developer and why you should or should not become a developer.

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What generally developers Do?

The developer's main role is to create, debug and execute codes to create software, applications, etc. which generally either solves a business problem or makes someone's work more comfortable and easy. This profile generally requires continuously learning new technologies, languages, and techniques with day 2 day-changing world while working on some specific projects.

Do you love challenges?

If you want some kind of life where you do not want to get challenges daily this profession is not for you. Here you have to love challenges which you are going to face daily basis may be to create some complex solution, maybe to solve some existing issue on some software or in learning or executing any new language or technology but this is the real fun of this job profile if you are enjoying so and you don't want so you are going in the wrong profession.

Do you love to learn?

As a developer, we generally need to learn new things, new technologies whole life so study and learning is a life long approach for us. We love to learn and expand our knowledge and to get expertise over the new technologies coming to make work easier and to create a world more tech-friendly and easy to live. So be ready and make your mind to learn new things whole life not just to get a job or just to start your career because that's just a starting phase of your learning path also.

Do you want to become a developer just for money?

You need to understand first that if you want to become a developer just because you heard that developers are highly paid, that's the second thing. While selecting the career rather than money you need to focus on what you love because if you love some profession or work you will earn more money in that rather than being in a career where you feel yourself be in the wrong place after few years of your life. So if you love coding then you can really earn well after some expertise in a particular language or technology.

Hope you have a basic idea and this helps you get your decision in the right way to have your life in a better profession and career. If you love solving and creating the logic, love coding, and love technologies you are welcome to the community of developers where there are seemless possibilities and success depends on how much and how quickly you learn and adapt new things. Hope you have a great life ahead and enjoy the profession you are in!

An Entrepreneur, Passionate Developer, and Technical Coach who loves to share knowledge and always ready to learn new things.